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Elementary, dear data - wikipedia, This article consists almost entirely of a plot summary. it should be expanded to provide more balanced coverage that includes real-world context.. Elementary, dear data (episode) | memory alpha | fandom, The enterprise is threatened when a character in data and la forge's holodeck simulation becomes. The next generation transcripts - elementary, dear data, Captain's log, stardate 42286.3. we have arrived on station at coordinates three six two nine by five eight four, three days early for our rendezvous with the uss.

Elementary, dear data - tv.com, Watch star trek: the next generation - season 2, episode 3 - elementary, dear data: stardate: 42286.3 data, geordi, and dr. pulaski reenact a sherlock holmes mystery. Revisiting star trek tng: elementary dear data | den of geek, James's weekly tng lookback finally arrives at an unequivocally great episode. here's his joyful review of elementary dear data. [tng] jammer's review: "elementary, dear data", Just watched elementary dear data on cbs action. the opening to this is horrendous, it really is. geordi & data discuss a model ship 'wind & sail!' and then the holodeck..


"star trek: the next generation" elementary, dear data, Review: this is wonderful! - a lot of the loose threads are left for other episodes. i'm not just referring to ship in a bottle, but also to measure. Star trek: the next generation rewatch: “elementary, dear, “elementary, dear data” written by brian alan lane directed by rob bowman season 2, episode 3 production episode 40272-129 original air date: december 5, 1988. Talk:elementary, dear data - wikipedia, This article has been automatically rated by a bot or other tool because one or more other projects use this class. please ensure the assessment is correct before.


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